Tides NZ

The best New Zealand tides app for your iPod, iPhone and iPad

Tides NZ lets you figure out the best time to launch your boat, the best time for you to go swimming and the best time to walk your dog at your local beach!

Tides NZ lets you quickly figure out what the tide is doing at your local beach. Simple. No fuss.

Designed for iOS8+

The latest version of Tides NZ (v3.0) is a complete rework of the existing app completely designed for iOS8+, with more features!

New Features

Tide Notifications

Notify yourself of a future tide event by holding down on a tide's row and tapping when you would like to be notified.

Tide Table

View an overview of the next two months of tides by tapping the 'table' button.

Landscape Mode

Want a bigger graph for your desk? Rotate your device to landscape and enjoy.

Live Interactive Graph

Not feeling adventurous today? Is the weather a bit crap or are you simply comfy inside? Tides NZ lets you imagine you're at the beach as you stare at the tide graph while it updates in real time.

Drag your finger accross the graph to see information at any point of the day.

And more!

Sunrise, sunset, moonphase, current tide height, times of the tides, tide flow, time until the next tide and data until jan of 2015.


Tides NZ was handcrafted right here in New Zealand by me, Will Townsend. Part of a summer project, I got the idea when I formed an unhealthy obsession with skimboarding. (Unhealthy due to the number of times I got screwed up). I wanted a way to be able to quickly find out when the tide was out, but to my dismay no existing app did this simple task!

When I couldn't find a decent app, I decided to have a play. After a few weeks, Tides NZ was created.


I will answer any questions and send potential reviewers a coupon code, just flick me an email on will@townsend.io


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About the data

The data used to calculate the tides is provided by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). So with any luck, it should be pretty accurate.