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How do I add a location to 'Your Ports'?

Tap the '+' button to show the Ports Map, Ports List and the Settings screen. Tap on a map pin, or a location in the list to add it to your ports.

I prefer 12 hour time.

Thats cool, in the settings there is a switch that allows you to toggle between 24 and 12 hour times.

How can I change the current date?

Either tap the current date bar, just underneath the current locations' name to reveal a calendar. Or tap the 'Table' button to view the Tide Table and tap on any day in the list.

How do I set a tide reminder up?

On a future tide, press and hold on the prediction row to present the reminder menu.

How do I cancel a tide reminder?

Press and hold on the very same row that you added a reminder on to confirm you would like to remove it. You can remove all tide reminders in the settings screen.

I've found a bug or have a suggestion, how do I contact you?

You can send feedback in the app from the settings screen. Or if you prefer, send me an email on